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Personal Website

Personal Website - it is your own website, which provides information only about you.

Personal site - gives you the opportunity to post any information (not prohibited by the legislation of Ukraine) in the network. Ie You can add your own photos, videos, and more, what would you like to share with your friends or acquaintances, but for some reason could not do it personally. You have the ability to create your own forum, to start a blog, or chat.

Personal Website is:

Main page About you: (provide information about you, etc.)

Contact Information Blog,

Chat or Forum (your choice)

Photo and Video Gallery (possibly both)

Other: (other important information at your discretion).

Delivery: 3-7 days.

The cost of a book's Personal Site - 450 UAH.  

When you create additional partitions, and making other important information for you to specify an additional cost.





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